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Discussion in 'Archived Support' started by rqman, Jul 2, 2018.

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  1. Hi, I just purchased a titlecreate on the store and tried to create the title &e&lKaAzZzOoO it did not say that I didnt need to putcolour codes and I would like another title token plz. It does not say this on the description and im very angry as all my money went to a waste, plz help me.

    2018-07-02_17.52.48.png 2018-07-02_17.53.08.png
  2. though on the title menu it says &e&l when using the title in chat it wont work :(
  3. There is /titlecolor for future reference.
    You create a title without colorcodes and you're able to color it with a different command
  4. yep I learnt that now xD, do you think ever can reset the token?
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  5. I will try to talk to someone about it. :)
  6. Issue Resolved.

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