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    In Game Name

    Previous IGN's
    iDaughter_ , Delishcoco. totallydaughter_

    Your Age
    Will say If accepted. (got permission to hide)

    What is your Discord username and tag?
    iDaughter_ #7952

    Time on the Server

    Your Rank

    Your Time Zone
    GMT ( Greenwich Mean Time _)

    How often are you online?
    On-time: 12d13d31m

    I try my best to be as active as possible, I have been offline for a long time what may affect my application in a lot of ways, but I am trying my best to come back and try to be online from 2-5 hours throughout the day, here's a example of the times I'll be on:

    Monday: 4-7pm
    Tuesday: 3-8p,
    Wednesday- 3-8pm
    Thursday- 3-8pm

    Friday- 3pm - 10pm
    This timetable may not be 100% accurate as I may be busy and somethings get in the way, but I will tell a staff if I won't be on one day,, mainly from a problem or just not feeling well. On Saturdays and Sundays I have no school or homework to do so I may be on for much longer on Saturdays and Sundays, unless something gets in my way.

    What do I do in my spare time on skyblocky?

    Most of the time on Skyblocky I like to talk in chat, if you do not see me talking while I'm online, I am probably busy building on my island or helping someone in messages.

    What do you think being a Helper involves?
    In my opinion, I think a helper involves with helping out anyone who needs help in this community, its basically their job to help people out if something is wrong, If somebody doesn't know a rule, you can answer and you should be expected to work hard and know most answers. You also have to make sure the chat is going very very smoothly, make sure nobody is making fights, or encouraging spam, or just any bullying in general. If anyone messages you on any platform and tells you that someone is breaking the rules, you either have to mute or warn, if the person who broke the rules need a ban, you would have to report it to a higher staff, with proof, and ask them if they can ban them or not. As a staff, you are expected to know all the rules, and know how to do most stuff, me being 100% honest I didn't know that much, due to forgetting stuff, but I have started writing down all the rules and how to do stuff and how to answer any common questions what anyone could ask. Not all the time staff have to be kind, sometimes they have to take serious actions. All staff should NOT, spam messages, hack, scam, and break any rules, since its your job to make sure the Skyblocky server is going smooth. I'm sure I can promise to not break any rules and follow them as best as I can.

    What are your qualifications?
    I have been working on being more and more mature for 3 years, and I have gotten to the stage that I think am mature, most people say I'm very kind, even in other games, I can help out someone quickly, and answer peoples questions without hesitations. I'm not AFK ( Away From Keyboard ) that often, as I am not very busy, to show someone that I'm busy I would most of the time log off Skyblocky and come back when I am done doing my thing. I'm pretty young, and I have learned how to become nice and mature, but like I said I will not be telling my age since unless I get accepted, I'm a bit scared about sharing my age as I got bullied about it in old servers I used to play in. I would love to help out Skyblocky as much as I can, Its an amazing server with absolutely amazing staff, and most people are kind too! I also am very active, apart from the break I took, what slowed me down again, but I want a chance and I promise I will be online everyday unless something happens In real life, such as my computer breaking (example) , I will tell a staff that I can't be on.
    I also have pretty good grammar, sometimes I may overlook a grammar error. ) if you see me not using grammar, is that I'm in a bit of a rush and I wouldn't be able to make a full sentence with proper grammar with the small amount of time I have.

    Additional Information
    I just wanted to say that I have some flaws, for example I have trouble talking into microphones, and I'm a bit scared talking to people in voice-chat or any calls, as far as I know it is normal for staff to call each other. I also don't show my age in the chat, but I will if I get accepted since I have some trust issues.

    Have I ever gotten any warnings/mutes/bans?

    I have never gotten a mute or a ban on Skyblocky, I have only ever gotten warnings, exactly two, but I have learned from then and they have been when I did not know the rules well.

    I'll admit that I do have a warning at this moment, and I'm very sorry about that, It was an complete accident and I was not being responsible, sorry about that and I will try me bestest to not do that mistake ever again.
    Thank you very much for reading.
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    Application is great but you are to young and you can be immature. -1
  3. As for my review, I will stay neutral as i have seen you ingame a lot and i have seen you help. This is also a well written application but you've just recently gotten back into the community. It has changed a lot since when i saw you active and i would suggest getting reacquainted with the community before applying for staff.
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    Oh I'm sorry if you see me as immature, thank you for your opinion!
    But just saying, all ages are allowed to apply as long as they are mature.
  5. Age is a required field whether you get accepted or not.
  6. May I private message it to someone cause I really don't want anyone except staff to know.
  7. If you’re that uncomfortable showing your age, please message @Evergreen to see if they will make an exception for your case.
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  8. In my opinion, your application doesn’t flow very well. Having sentences broken up a few too many times, along with numerous spelling and grammatical errors, makes it difficult to stay interested in reading. You seem young, so this shouldn’t majorly affect you; however, it would be nice to see improvements on these things if you end up being denied.

    That said, your effort is shown in the length of this application; it must have taken quite a bit of time to write. You also seem to understand that a strong work ethic combined with the right attitude results in a successful staff member, and seem to know most of the rules judging by your clean history.

    Overall, my rating is going to be a -1. You could use some extra time to get to know the community again and improve on what I said above.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you very much for your opinion, so sorry for the mistakes, I will try my best to make my application more pleasing.
  10. I'm going to rate your application a -1. I feel your grammar was confusing and your sentences didn't really flow, so I don't think I fully understood what you said sometimes. You are very active in chat, you've occasionally helped people out, and I've seen you host a few skin competitions in the past few days. But I also think after your break the server has changed a lot and the community is very different, so it would definitely benefit you to get to know it a bit better. You seem a little immature to me, but I haven't talked to you directly so I'm not going to assume anything.
    Regardless best of luck!
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  11. Thank you very much for your opinion, I 100% agree with you that my application is a bit messed up, I'm very bad at writing.
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    I’ve seen you active in chat, you seem like you are a kind person, but I do feel like you should get involved into the community a bit more; especially since you just started playing again. You have some grammar mistakes in your application as well. Otherwise, you have a clean history, you have a decent amount of messages on the forums, and you show some forum activity.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  13. That's fine. You don't have to display your age in this application if you don't want to @iDaughter_ .
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  14. Yeah, got that sorted! Thank you.

    Thank you so much for your opinion! :)
  15. I have seen you online often, this is a overall good application! You have some grammar mistakes. +0.5
  16. I see a lot of people say I've gotten grammar mistakes, can someone tell everyone where cause I can't find any, and I'm getting confused.
  17. I agree with ej 100% <3 I wish you luck on your staff application.
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    I'm going to rate this neutral for the following reasons:

    While in the past few days I have seen you active in chat, you've joined back quite late since the last reset, and while the community has changed, you have not. This isn't a negative thing, but I would suggest getting reacquainted with the dynamics of the server before reapplying if you were to be denied.
    You help out a lot in chat, and seem nice enough, and I see you trying to get along with the community, especially with the skin comps.

    In my personal opinion you can come off as a little immature in terms of deliberation, but I have never seen you lose your temper or even get annoyed. This staff application has a few grammar mistakes but your almost clean history makes up for that.

    Good luck!

    This sentence alone has around 3 grammatical errors, which I have made green. Maybe for some it's different countries but to me this is wrong.

    Merged Please don't double post.
  19. Don't worry about Grammer mistakes happens to me all the time just do your best :) Neutral;)
  20. "Grammer"
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