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Discussion in 'Archived Support' started by arfermoment, Feb 11, 2018.

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    First i got to say.. Brilliant Move!!! I much prefer the Skyblocky Brand and style of everything.
    It's just how i hope a skyblock world would be and really glad it's happened.

    This next bit will sound a bit selfish and i don't mean it to, but i hope it will help anyone wondering about their purchases on Candycraft and what happens to them if i ask about them here. ( If you need it i can give you the transaction ID)

    On Candycraft i bought:-
    1x Omnitool Kit
    1x SkySell
    1x Spawner Kit
    1x 5x Vote Multiplier
    and wondered if they will be transfered and what they would be called and how to access them if they are transfered.
    I did read through forums but couldn't find a definite answer.
    Anyway imma go get in game and get stuck in.. Sooo nice to be back in Skyblocky world :D :D
    Cheers and top Job Guys. Arfer.

    EDIT:-- D'oh! Total Faceplam Moment.. I just read the 'whole' Dylan's front page post :p
    I'm guessing the /gkit credit will happen for Omnitool and the vote multiplier will kick in when i vote, skysell will just be available when i come to use it, and as for the Spawner kit, it's in /gkit right?
  2. Hey @arfermoment.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the server! Yes, GKits and SkySell will transfer if you purchased them on CandyCraft. You will either be given a voucher for the GKits, or given the actual kit on the new skyblocky, and SkySell will work as usual. I don't believe the vote multiplier will transfer, although I could be wrong.

    Feel free to create a purchase help thread here with the proper proof of purchase to receive your purchased items.

    Any further questions?
  3. Hi @y0dabr0 Thanks for the quick reply, :) S'all good, shame about the vote multiplier, but i guess that will come as a voucher if it doesn't transfer over. I noticed (after i managed to pay attention and read the whole of Dylan's post xD) that it may happen but at a reduced multiplier, so either way will be fine of course. No more questions, great job thanks :)
  4. If you have anymore questions, you can open another support thread or private message one of our staff members on the forums or discord.

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