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  1. Hey Candycraft Players!
    Recently we have been seeing a huge growth in applications for staff! With that comes a lot of players who do not exactly know what they are doing so as an accepted applicant, and a member of the staff applications team, I'm going to be showing some things to higher your chances of becoming a staff member.

    Time Online.
    Time online has a huge effect on whether your application gets accepted or not. By time online I do not generally mean /ontime stats, but I mean time helping the community. Someone who has ten thousand minutes online, but never helps in chat and is frequently AFK has a lessened chance of getting accepted than someone who has eight thousand minutes online but is very active in helping the community. While I say this, having more than six thousand minutes really benefits your application and how the applications team judges it.

    Forums Activity

    Forums activity can also play a large factor in whether you get accepted or not, but not merely as big of a factor than other things. If someone is active in game and has a good application but does not use the forums, they probably will not get denied. Forums activity will push you above other applicants however and show that you care about the community rather than someone who is only active in-game.

    Punishment History
    Punishment history is looked at when you apply for staff. As it states in the official staff applications guide you can not have a mute or a ban in the past 30 days when applying. Although we mainly look at the last 30 days, punishments past that are looked at as well. For example, a player who has only two minor warnings has a far greater chance of being accepted than someone who has four pages of punishments. If your thinking of applying and have a few warn of accidents, do not be worried as many people in the past have gotten accepted with warnings, including me who accidentally flooded once. If you do have some of these smaller punishments be sure to bring them up in your application, someone who is honest about their mistakes and apologizes for them boosts your chance of acceptance,

    Application Formatting

    When writing your application remember it is a formal document, so that means you should be writing with correct grammar amongst other things. When writing your application make sure that you do not use bullet points, space things out randomly, make your own headings/questions or use colourful text/bold. When you do those things it makes your application seem unprofessional, formatting is one of the first things we look at so it is like you are leaving a first impression.

    Writing your Second or more Application
    When writing an application that is not your first, do not copy anything from your old application. When you do that it shows a lack of dedication and that you are just applying for the heck of it. When doing this you also want to take to note any feedback you received from last time you applied. This will greatly help your application and make sure you don't get denied for the same reasons you did before.

    Lying on an Application
    Lying on your application pretty much always results in a denial or if you are accepted and its discovered, a demotion. We normally easily find out about lying on applications, especially with age. When someone says they are eighteen but use incorrect grammar and later in the application say they are thirteen we will most likely deny you. If your application is good, your active, and have no punishments we will not deny you because of age. We have staff members as young as eleven so there is no need to be worried as we do not judge on age.

    After you Submit your Application
    After submitting your application be ready for feedback, both positive and negative. When you get feedback it always shows maturity when replying to feedback thanking people for it. If you were to get negative feedback or constructive criticism, do not start arguing or claiming the person to be false as a staff member should be able to handle criticism. Along with that, be sure to not apply for other servers while your application is pending, as that shows your not very loyal but rather just looking for a rank. One last thing is if you do not get accepted do not start flaming at staff members that you are better than other applicants. There will almost always be a reason for you getting denied, and you can improve on those reasons if you choose to apply again.

    If you Get Denied

    If you get denied do not think that you will never have the chance of becoming a staff member. Personally, I was denied plenty of times before I got accepted. If you get denied to take the feedback people gave you and start a new better application as soon as you can. You can reapply in fifteen days and when that chance comes around you have to be ready.

    Thanks for reading my unofficial staff application guide! Always make sure to read the official guide before applying and good luck with your application!
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  2. Good job on this @TJeye this may be very helpful to me and others in the future!
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  3. Wow. Nice guide TJ and I think it will be very useful for players who want to become staff. :)
  4. Well. If players even read it.
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  6. Great guide, also I think someone's been watching stranger things.
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  8. Amazing guide Tj keep the good work ❤️
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  9. Awesome job Tj I'm sure this will help a lot of people with their applications :).
  10. Can I apply? ;>
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  11. Has it been 15 days since your last application : o?
  12. Please make sure to read this guide on how to write a detailed application that meets our standards.
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  13. It's been nearly a year !!!!
    Oh fanks 4 the help
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  14. No no owta u r too young

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  15. Totally didn't make a staff application guide myself :)
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  16. He has a point
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  18. Thanks for this so much! I really appreciate this, because on my first application I saw from feedback that there was a lot more that I needed to include, and this post helped me recognize that. Thanks for helping me improve myself & my application <3
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