Weekly Giveaways, Top Voters of May, and the Summer Season!

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  1. Hello!

    Who’s excited for Summer? School is out for most of us (not me, yet!) and Skyblocky is gaining players faster than ever! We’re going to have a great Summer season, with tons of events, giveaways, and fun content for you all to enjoy!

    I’m so happy to announce that the most recent map & island reset has been a success - the economy is much better than previous, and everyone seems to be enjoying playing with each other! Hopefully we’ll have some new content in store for you all throughout the coming season.

    And, here’s some exciting news for the Skyblocky Twitter: we will be having weekly giveaways hosted on the Twitter! All you will need to do to enter will be to retweet and like the post, and follow @SkyblockySocial!

    This week, 5x Villager Spawners will be given away!
    This is worth $25 on /buy!
    Retweet & like THIS post to enter.
    A winner will be drawn on Friday of next week, and the next giveaway will go up then.

    Lastly, of course, congratulations to the Top Voters of May!

    Top Voters
    First Place - $50 Voucher
    blockybelmore - 304 Votes

    Second Place - $40 Voucher
    boburbob - 226 Votes

    Third Place - $30 Voucher
    Beef_jerkinIt - 223 Votes

    Honorable Mention
    ASinglePringle - 170 Votes

    You all will be messaged your vouchers either in-game, on the forums, or on Discord. Congratulations!

    Kindest Regards,
    - Evergreen

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  2. Congratulations to all winners! And good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway! :D
  3. Congratulations to the top voters! :)
  4. Blockybelmore destroyed the voters list.
  5. How to retweet?
    Like this?
  6. You need to have a Twitter account. Press the link in the main thread above, log into your Twitter account if you have not done so already, like and retweet the post.
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  7. Good luck everyone!!! :D
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  8. For the summer, i will watch your stream and play on skyblocky
  9. When you’re an honorable mention ;-;
  10. RIP
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  11. I will probs be an honorable mention again this month =/
  12. Imma have 0 votes
  13. I always have 0 votes.
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