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    Hello fellow users of the internet also the discord server users It's me again. Leon!

    I'm back and i'm here for revenge looking to make some new friends and stuff like that maybe even try some edating or something if I can find a guy that I like enough haha probably not x. Anyway glad to be apart of this family and long live the queen. she is 92 so she doesn't have that long left :([​IMG]
  2. Uh, welcome back to the server. Try not to double post or mass tag staff members.
  3. Welcome back!
  4. Welcome back! I hope you enjoy what's new and those are some creepy gifs
  5. that is me xD
  6. Welcome back! Hope to see you online soon!
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  8. yes hi
  9. fat
  10. I mean I feel like I gained 10 pounds from 1 burger rn but ok
  11. anime fatty
  12. anime thiccy
  13. Please stick to the topic of the thread you're staff please enforce the rules and stop talking about this hentai stuff me and my son don't like ti thank you for understanding
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  14. There's a strong difference between the both;
    anime - a style of Japanese film,
    hentai - sexually explicit content.
    Anyway, although it isn't really against the rules, we'll stay on topic.
    Welcome back! c:
  15. [​IMG]
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