What is your favorite thing to do on Skyblocky?

Discussion in 'Archived Discussion' started by PenneyGamingTV, Feb 28, 2019.

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  1. I like mining a long cobble gen with a Koala Claw and Haste II. :)
  2. I like just sitting there and watching people arguing whether ice is wet or not.
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  3. getting banned
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  4. Helping new players out whenever I can. :b
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  5. Watching jake annoy his friends and be an amazing person in general
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  6. \

    You enjoy duplicating*
  7. @666j666 enjoys duplicating*
  8. Who said me & jake were friends :thonk:

    @bearbee11 enjoys not getting manager
  9. not playing it
  10. lmao jack
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  11. use the forums
  12. I really enjoy just being there. I don't play as hard as some people but enough that I can help people out by giving them stuff. Other than that I really like the community and just being involved around the server and having a laugh with people. Also I like moderating it a lot :)
  13. I like YeeTing spawners in the void
  14. I like building fun things, and mob grinding :)
  15. I like yeeting every now and then
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  16. That is a FAT mood
  17. “I’m gonna play this season”
    actually plays for a month and a half like a boss
    Epic gamer time
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  18. only real gamers do that
  19. I love making a crap load of money in game and then Mr.Beast'ing it away like it's nothing. Like if someone just joined the server I'll give 10mil to 'em for no reason. I'm pretty stupid for this tho I have to admit..

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