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M&Ms or Skittles?

  1. M&Ms

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  2. Skittles

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  1. Hello!
    I'm sure you're all wondering why there haven't been many changelogs or new features recently.
    This is because we're working on some extra special content which will be coming out throughout the Holiday season. It's significant enough that it's taking up all of our time, but I guarantee our best effort will be put in to make sure you all enjoy it.

    If you are interested in beta testing new content, please fill out this form. You will be contacted with more information if you are chosen to help beta test. We will be accepting anywhere from 10 - 30 beta testers. Please note, anyone accepted will be contacted within the next few weeks, however the date will rely on how soon the new content is finished.

    A changelog will be posted soon, however, with all of the recent fixes and few new features.

    A couple updates though:

    I'm proud to announce the Halloween Candyhunt has been a huge success, with nearly 20,000 individual drops collected by now.

    Remember, less than a week is left to enter the Halloween building competition! Read the full post here. We've had a lot of great entrants so far; good luck everyone!

    Lastly, we need your ideas! Comment on this thread, or make a suggestion here, with any features you would like added in the future.​

    - Evergreen

    Now, for the fun part, vote on the poll on this thread for whether you prefer M&Ms or Skittles!
    I'll try to do a Candy-themed poll every announcement, since we are a Candy-themed server!
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  2. Thanks Ever
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  3. Going to sign up as a beta tester, can't wait to see what it is :eek:
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  4. Can staff sign up for beta?
  5. Hoping to sign up for beta testing, sounds super cool! Thanks Ever!
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  6. I don't see why we can't, as we already have Kat, Teal, and TJ working on a kind of beta testing thing.
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  7. I can not wait for the new content! :)
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  8. Applied! I cannot wait to see what is to come!
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  9. I applied as well, can't wait for what else is in store. Also, good luck to all other applicants.
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  10. I can’t wait to see what this is about!! :)
  11. Applied, I want to be accepted so baddd!
    Good luck to all of you!!
  12. Kat we are kinda in charge of a beta team.
    Sounds fun hype hype1
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  13. Can't wait. :p Good luck to all beta tester applicants!
  14. just applied can't wait to see whether I get accepted!!!
  15. Sounds exciting!! :)
  16. Feels like applying for staff all over again.
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  17. Welp signed in but i think i will be ignored pleas @Evergreen say if i am not a beta tester then i am not checkin ma phone 24/7
  18. All betas will be chosen & contacted once developers are finished with the content. I won't know the exact time until a later date.
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  19. Applied. Can't wait to see what the future holds for CandyCraft.
  20. kat didn't know that whoopsies.
    Best of luck to those who applied!
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