Whats your favorite old school skyblocky meme

Discussion in 'Skyblocky Discussion' started by pug_power, May 21, 2019.

  1. So, skyblocky has been around awhile. It has alot of memes. What is your personal favorite.
  2. I don't really have 1 favorite meme. I like a bunch of memes so I don't really have 1 favorite Skyblocky meme.
  3. Thought it would have been "my in ga-"

    ... nevermind
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  5. Me applying with only 45 minutes playtime on the server and getting accepted ;). Oh and @Hijackninja13 getting salty about it.
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  6. @TJeye remember when we argued with Killer about that? lol good times
  7. hmm I never knew that happened care to explain?
  8. Lmao yes
    Killer was really vocal about accepting you and me and Br0 were like um no he has like 2 minutes online lol
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  9. “You’re just a dev”
  10. someone get the infographic
  11. @Dylan Keir
  12. Probably because I was in a call with Dylan and Killer when applying.

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