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  1. You actually tell me.

    Not once has this happened.

    Cosmetics also transferred*
  2. Si es no problemo wowzers I feel so cool with this much support

    pyro we all know you're above the law, you don't need to remind me
    It happened like, once...
    Yes wowzers thanks Pyro, I will add that
  3. This is very helpful :D!
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  4. Yes thanks! : )
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  5. Super thanks!!
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    Hello, thought I'd just stop by ;) Don't worry everyone, Shelly made a boo boo! When she answered the question "can i e-date you", the answer was meant to be "taken by Maya and Hashy. Fun 3some!" she made a typo tho, and this is also why Shelly hates me, and also probably blocked me on discord. Shelly, ily. even though u don't. ;)

    Love how you don't even need to mention factions LOL
    I guess nothing has really changed. Sby kids still have low IQ? Or has that at least changed. I probably still have some toxicity left in me :D
  7. @EpicSwordcerer Try not to double post as it is against the forum rules! Thank you.

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  8. You're one of the 'Sby kids' pal
  9. No he's a smart son, how dare you Wowta.
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  10. I'm not, kiddo, left when there was a transition from CC to sby, and there was no PvP

    Should've stayed, would've fed my ego, getting hackusated left and right, and maybe even getting false banned for hacks again ;)
    Not you, of course Owta, y0da false banned me be4, and TJ false banned jon twice :D
  11. I was joking btw. If you got false banned, did you appeal?
  12. so this is the first time in a while I have been on this server again but I noticed you guys reset the server and before the reset, I believe it was MVP or mvp+ I had would I be able to get my rank back cause I don't have it now that the server reset

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