Players caught repeatedly breaking rules will be permanently banned from the server. Players caught repeatedly attempting to break rules by pushing limits will be punished according to the rule(s) that they are trying to push/break.

No staff ranks (Helper, Mod, Sr.Mod) are exempt from any rule set forth by Skyblocky, If you feel that a staff member has violated a rule, please message an Administrator to report the incident.

The Management Team (Admin+) reserves the right to adjust punishment types and lengths for any punishment listed on this page and for any other rule set forth by Skyblocky, including but not limited to global rules and universe specific rules. The Management Team also reserves the right to grant punishments for rules that are not explicitly stated within the global rules and universe specific rules.

Conditions for moving to the next level of a punishment are such: warnings apply for one week, mutes apply for one month, and bans are permanent.

Chat Offenses

IP Advertising

▎Permanent Ban

Sharing any type of IP address in any in-game chat. This also includes any type of inappropriate link.

Light Server Advertisement

▎6 Hour Mute  ▎1 Day Mute  ▎3 Day Mute

This includes mentioning servers whose player bases are less than 10,000. This also includes servers that are not owned by Serayne92. The following are his servers:
Skyblocky, MCPrison, ArkhamNetwork, GTPixel, NoobCraft, CandyCraft, ArcadeWars, GotPvP

Social Media Advertisement

▎1 Hour Mute  ▎1 Day Mute  ▎7 Day Mute

Advertising a YouTube link, Twitch link, or any other social media.

Posting Inappropriate/Malicious Links

▎1 Hour Mute  ▎1 Day Mute  ▎7 Day Mute  ▎30 Day Mute

Posting any sort of malicious links, jump scare, pornographic content, or anything equally inappropriate. Graphic content will result in an immediate mute.

Disclosing Personal Information


Threatening or leaking other players IRL information in ANY form of chat. This also applies to DDos and Swat threats.

Racist/Homophobic Slurs

▎3 Day Mute  ▎7 Day Mute  ▎14 Day Mute  ▎Permanent Mute

Any use of racial or homophobia slurs in chat

Sexual Harassment Towards Minors

▎Permanent Ban

Excessive comments related to harassing children, child pornography.

Suicide Encouragement & Death Threats

▎7 Day Mute  ▎14 Day Mute  ▎30 Day Mute  ▎Permanent Mute

Any sort of chat or behavior that encourages suicidal tendencies in people or threatens harm to another individual.

Excessive Staff Disrespect

▎30 Minute Mute  ▎2 Hour Mute  ▎6 Hour Mute  ▎1 Day Mute

Any player behaving abusively towards a staff member in their capacity as a staff member.

Staff Impersonation

▎Warning  ▎15 Minute Mute  ▎30 Minute Mute  ▎1 Hour Mute  ▎1 Day Mute

Having a /nickname which makes you look like a staff member or making your In-Game Name similar to a staff member's

Inappropriate IGN

▎Permanent Ban [Appeal once changed]

Having an IGN that might be racist, discriminatory, or insulting the server.

Extreme Toxicity

▎1 Hour Mute  ▎3 Hour Mute  ▎1 Day Mute  ▎7 Day Mute

Using very harsh and overly rude statements towards another player.

Misuse of Report

▎Warning  ▎5 Minute Mute  ▎15 Minute Mute  ▎30 Minute Mute  ▎1 Hour Mute

Falsely using the report system repeatedly.
Does not include people not understanding what is and what isn't
against the rules.

Inappropriate Join Messages / Shout message

▎This will follow whatever chat message you break

Anything related to pornography or mental illness; fake punishments, trade requests, impersonation, etc.

Buy / Sell Spamming

▎Warning  ▎5 Minute Mute  ▎15 Minute Mute  ▎1 Hour Mute

This is when players are spamming chat more than once with any kind of buy or sell message every 3 minutes. ( 1 buy/sell messages Per 3 Minutes) Chat macros are allowed for this use only.

Standard Chat Offenses

Character Spam / Spamming chat

▎Warning  ▎15 Minute Mute  ▎30 Minute Mute  ▎1 Hour Mute  ▎6 Hour Mute

Excessive use of capital letters; Excessive use of random symbols and/or letters, or
5+ messages that are typed within 15 seconds and are uninterrupted. Sending the same message 3+ times in 10 seconds.

Promoting Spam

▎Warning  ▎15 Minute Mute  ▎30 Minute Mute  ▎1 Hour Mute  ▎6 Hour Mute

Anything that encourages Private Message spam or Chat spam.

Disrespect, Harassment, Inappropriate Behaviour

▎Warning  ▎30 Minute Mute  ▎1 Hour Mute  ▎3 Hour Mute  ▎6 Hour Mute

Disrespecting another person in any way. Harassing another player or making inappropriate (vulgar) remarks.
*Left to discretion of online staff.

In-game Offenses

Afk Grinding, Mining, or Farming

▎12 Hour Ban  ▎3 Day Ban  ▎14 Day Ban  ▎30 Day Ban

This includes taping down your mouse / keys, F11 Glitch, F3 + T glitch, putting something heavy on your attack key, or using an auto clicker to grind, mine, or farm resources while away from your computer. You must also be able to answer staffs AFK checks at any given moment. This ban is Non-Appealable.

Block Glitching in PVP

▎Warning  ▎1 Day Ban  ▎3 Day Ban  ▎15 Day Ban

Using Any form of location glitching is not allowed. This includes the use of teleportation commands, ender pearls, blocks, boats, explosions or any other illegtimate method to get to locations you are not supposed to have access to.

TPA Trapping

▎1 Day Ban  ▎3 Day Ban  ▎7 Day Ban  ▎30 Day Ban

Teleporting a player into a PvP situation that they are not aware of and results in the player losing their items

Abusing Alts to Vote


Players caught voting on alt accounts to gain any sort of advantage will be blacklisted from the server. This also includes using alternate accounts for vote parties, and milestones rewards for voting. You are still allowed to AFK, however you are NOT allowed to vote on alts for vote party rewards.

Using Disallowed Modifications (Hacking)

▎15 Day Ban  ▎Permanent Ban

Using any of the modifications listed as disallowed below. Remember, it’s up to the discretion of our staff as to whether a hacked client is in use, however, all staff below administrator must have proof of a ban.

Exploits and Glitches

▎15 Day Ban  ▎Permanent Ban

Using any bug, dupe, or exploit for your personal gain. Also includes sharing information about an exploit to other players without letting the administration know. Intentionally causing lag falls under this rule. Admins reserve the right to adjust the timing of a ban for abusing bugs based on the severity of the bug.


▎Banned until next season

Islands with multiple players is viewed as a team and together as a team work towards a common goal.

When a player brings any item to an island they are adding into the team pool. These items are now considered property of the island and not the player specifically.

Players may only remove items from the island when moving to another island with the okay of 2 or more Sr. Members of the island (Leader and Co-leader)

Leaders and or Co-leaders who are leaving to join another island must discuss with the entire island on what is being taken and must be agreed upon by the other members of the island. Failure to do so will lead to an insiding ban

Players may not purposefully or maliciously undermine the island this includes but is not limited to:
Removing Spawners
Removing items from the island
Griefing the island
Selling items and giving the money away
Removing Collection Boxes

Failure to take appropriate precautionary action will result in your insiding report being denied.

  • Making sure flags are properly set up with each island rank.
  • Giving island members the correct rank on your island.

Players must report Insiding immediately and can do so in the Discord by making a ticket in #tickets

Reports will be reviewed on a case by case basis and could result in removal for the duration of the map or the network indefinitely for the account and / or affiliated accounts.


▎Permanent Ban

If a player is suspected of duping, please notify a higher staff to confirm.

Command Spam

▎1 Hour Ban  ▎1 Day Ban  ▎7 Day Ban

Spamming commands such as /tpa, /msg, /g, etc. Four+ of the same or similar messages in a row count as disallowed. Breaking rules such as disrespect or other high tier chat offenses in commands, like /mail or /msg, will result in a ban following the length of command spam punishments. However past offenses will be determined by past offenses based on the rule broken, not on command spam itself.

Third Party Trading

▎Warning  ▎Permanent Ban

Offering deals or trades for anything which is not directly related to Skyblocky. This includes selling or trading Minecraft accounts. Offering to trade from Skyblocky to another server owned by Serayne92 is allowed.

Inappropriate Builds

▎Warning & Request Removal  ▎1 Hour Ban & Force Removal  ▎1 Day Ban & Force Removal

Any build that might be inappropriate, homophobic, racist, explicit, or offensive.

Inappropriate Skin

▎ Warn  ▎Ban until changed

Any skin that can be deemed racist, discriminatory or NSFW.

Buycraft Scamming

▎Permanent Ban

Scamming via the Skyblocky store: promising someone you’ll give them something in-game for them to buy you something on the store, and then not handing what you owe in-game after the purchase was completed. To avoid scamming on either side, use a middleman. Giving someone what is owed in-game but they then fail to make a purchase on our webstore is also classified as IRL scamming.

In-Game Scamming / Island Griefing

▎7 Day Ban   ▎15 Day Ban   ▎30 Day Ban

Scamming another user for in-game items.  Video proof of a scam is required for any action to be taken. Note: If possible, items will be refunded. However, we cannot spawn in new items to refund as this will wreck the economy. Punishment of the user and all action taken is left up to admin discretion. If a small number of items are taken, the scammer will likely not be banned.

INV Bombing

▎Warning   ▎1 Hour Ban   ▎6 Hour Ban ▎12 Hour Ban   ▎1 Day Ban  

This is when a player fills their inventory with useless items and goes to pvp with the only intention to die and drop all their items

Lag Machine

▎Permanent Ban

Intentionally causing lag.

Ban Evasion

▎Same length as Original accounts punishment

This is when you try to avoid an existing ban using an alt or other means. This punishment will be applied to just the secound account (used to ban evade)
*After 5+ accounts are concurrently banned for ban evasion. The player will be IP banned.

Mute Evasion

▎Same length as Original Accounts.  ▎If done by 2+ accounts, 1 Day Ban on accounts used to evade

Evading your mute in the chat with another account, resetting your join message to evade the mute, or by somehow bypassing the mute to talk in any globally seen chat. While muted, you may talk in: private message, guild chat, party chat, signs, or directly to a staff member.

Combat Logging

▎1 Hour Ban  

Logging out of combat to avoid the teleport timer, or to avoid combat.

Modification Usage

Before using any modifications on our server, make sure that this modification:

- Does not give any client-based advantages. This means no movement improvements, knowledge improvements, etc.

- If you aren't sure if a modification is or isn't allowed, do NOT use it - instead ask a staff member.

- Using any blacklisted modifications will result in a ban from Skyblocky according to punishment times listed in the main rules document.

Do you want to use a modification that is not on this list? Contact an admin or make a support ticket with this:

- The Mod name:

- The Post Link: (Provide an URL to the thread, available on the Minecraft Forums)

- Short Description:

Allowed Modifications

  • 5zig
  • Any Coordinate Mod
  • Armour HUD, Potion HUD, Status Effects
  • Auto-reconnect Mod
  • Badlion Client
  • Batty's Mod
  • Better Sprinting (Any mod with toggleable sprint is allowed. Toggle sneak is not allowed.)
  • Brightness
  • Chat Companion
  • Coordinates Mod
  • Damage Indicators
  • FastCraft
  • Forge
  • Gamma
  • Keystrokes Mod
  • LabyMod (Official Release) - downloading external mods from its download platform does not count as solely using LabyMod.
  • MiniMaps
  • Modloader
  • Mouse Tweaks & Inventory Tweaks
  • Optifine
  • Replay Mod
  • Schematic – Printer is NOT allowed!
  • Shaders
  • Speedometer & other mods which show player speed.
  • SquidHQ
  • TMI (Too Many Items) & NEI (Not Enough Items)
  • WorldDownload

Disallowed Modifications

  • Autoclickers - Includes both clients and taping down mouse / keys to auto-click. Also applies to auto-fishing, auto-mining, auto-building (placing / removing) or anything else automatic.
  • Hacked Clients & Ghost Clients, including but not limited to:
  • Injectable Clients
  • Vape Clients
  • ANY modification which gives an advantage over others in PvP or otherwise.
  • Macros of all types, including but not limited to:
  • Mining Macros
  • Bots
  • Scripts
  • Chat Macros
  • X-Ray
  • Phase
  • Smart Moving
  • AutoFishing
  • AutoSalvaging
  • AutoFarming
  • Fly
  • Picture in Picture Mod
  • Litematica : Printer