Skyblock Cloud Reset

Skyblock Cloud will be getting it's first reset this upcoming Saturday! Offering tons of updated content, new features, & more!

Skyblock Cloud will be releasing a brand new season this Saturday @ 3pm EST! We will keep the current Cloud open for a week AND releasing the new season. Just a quick recap of everything new that we've added. More will be coming soon in updates and changes!

The current Skyblock Cloud will stay open until June 5th @ 3pm EST!

Release Date & Time:


Countdown until Skyblock Sun Release!


Of course, when there's a new season we love to add some new builds. Welcome to this brand new Spawn and Warzone.


Now, time for some exciting things. Lots of players have been asking for a personal grind. So, that's exactly what we're adding!

Skills have different tiers that allows you to level up certain skills within Skyblock. Each skill comes with it's own abilities, rewards, and perks. Each skill is described below.

Siphon - This ability will allow you to kill more than one mob in a stack when killing mobs. The amount will scale depending on the ability level.

Cannon - This ability will allow you to shoot a fireball at mineable blocks and explode them all in the range, automatically giving you all the items.

Grazing - This ability will multiply your crop drops when harvesting crops. The multiplier is dependent on the ability level.

Welcome to the new addition of pets! Pets will be your little companion allowing you to gain certain abilities while your pet is active. Alongside with the abilities, each pet will have two enchants along with it. These enchants will stack with your current enchants and make them even better!

Along with the pets, we've added brand new Pet Keys to the store. You can purchase a Pet Key to win a random pet tier.

Tiers are as follows:
- Common
- Rare
- Epic
- Legendary
- Mythical

Each tier has it's own ability and will retain the previous tier abilities.

Enchant Rehaul
All enchants, cost, etc has been completely revalued and more balanced similar to Sun. We will continue to monitor and keep balancing as the seasons progress.

Loot Crates have been added to the warzone on this reset. You can win tons of prizes, rewards, and tags. Loot Crates will spawn every 40 minutes.

Image from Gyazo

Miscellaneous Additions

Added XP Outpost.
Added New Enchants.
Added Infinite Water and Lava Buckets.
...and more!