Skyblock Sun Update

Skyblock Sun Update

Welcome to Skyblock Sun's v1.1 Update Patch Notes. Below you can find all information changed in this update, patch notes, new content, and any additional information from the previous week that has happened.


With this weeks update we are excited to bring our first version of Envoys. Envoys will spawn loot crates inside the pvp area every 40 minutes. Players can collect these crates to obtain tons of rewards such as robots, crate keys, bank notes, miscellaneous items, and more!

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XP Outpost

Along with the brand new envoys, we've also decided to add another outpost to the pvp area. You can now capture the XP Outpost to earn double experience when killing mobs. Helping you get to those enchants faster!

Infinite Water & Lava Bucket

Working with non-stackable water buckets can be very tedious and time consuming. So, along with this update you can purchase an infinite water or lava bucket. These will allow you to place water or lava without needing to get a new bucket each time.

You can purchase these inside the new miscellaneous page in the /shardshop.

Shardshop Miscellaneous Page

A new page inside the /shardshop menu has been added. This section will offer tons of miscellaneous items such as Titles and Infinite Water & Lava Buckets, & more to come!

Miscellaneous Changes

We've also made tons of QoL Changes and improvements on a lot of the systems. You can find information on those below.

The shop pages have been revamped a tiny bit to make it feel more up to date. We've also combined the building blocks all into one section.
Last but not least.. we've also added more building blocks that were missing.

Lots of questions arose about robots and some of their features. So, we've added a new section within the menu called "Statistics". This currently will tell you the radius of the robot, however in the future we plan to add more statistics such as kills, money generated, & more.

We've also taken the liberty and revamped the formatting of the GUIs to make them easier to understand. Should be much more visible of the information. Along with the revamp of the menu, we've also added a visible shutdown mode. Robots when they reach 100% storage capacity will enter shutdown mode. Shutdown mode will stop the robot from working, with a little smoke coming out of their head.

We have also modified lumberjacks so that they now receive sticks when mining leaves. Before they would receive nothing which made them waste time. However, now they can obtain sticks which are sold at a fraction of the log sell price.

Auction House
The auction house also could be a little confusing for players. We've added a visible section between what the person is selling and what you are paying. We've also revamped the menus and made them much easier to read.


Throughout this week we have fixed a tons of bugs and issues involving the server crashing. Below you can find a list of the major changes we've done / fixed.

If you find ANY bugs, please report them on our discord. From there, the admin team will talk with you and find the best solution to have the bug fixed asap.

🔨 Lumberjack Robots now work as intended and should no longer stop working randomly.
🔨 Tons of lag issues have been patched to prevent any crashes or additional lag.
🔨 Robots will now show the value of the items within storage.
🔨 Robots also have a new menu that will show the radius of the robot.
🔨 New obtainable titles have been added to Envoys and Shardshop.
🔨 Refinery will now work with Ore Hoppers.
🔨 You can no longer dupe seeds with Greenthumb.
🔨 Greenthumb enchant has been fixed.
🔨 Bonemeal will no longer YEET any unbuildable areas.
🔨 Redstone Limit with repeaters has been fixed.
🔨 Sell Wands can no longer be enchanted.
🔨 Generators can no longer be sold through /shop.
🔨 All collecting methods now work with Collection Boxes and Crop Hoppers.
🔨 Island Level Calculation has been speed up a ton. Should now be much faster.
🔨 Lumberjacks now obtain sticks when mining leaves.
✅ Added Multi-Spawn support to help lower lag in spawns.
✅ Added Reboot Timer to show across screen due to chat being spammy.
✅ Added Envoys to the PVP Zone.
✅ Added Media Rank.
✅ Added Shardshop misc page.
✅ Added XP Outpost to PVP Zone.
✅ Added a direct connection from MCPrison and Skyblocky in the hub. You can also use /mcprison.