Skyblock Sun Release

Skyblock Sun Release

Welcome to our brand new realm, called Skyblock Sun! Skyblock Sun will introduce tons of polishes from Cloud, new content, as well as a brand new youtuber! Learn about our brand new release coming on April 24th!

The Skyblocky Team has been working the past couple of weeks on polishing lots of things since Cloud's Release. However, alongside Cloud we've decided to open a brand new realm with lots of cool features and our first YouTuber, F1NN5TER!

Release Date & Time:


Countdown until Skyblock Sun Release!



Alongside our release of the brand new realm, we are bringing our first YouTuber. F1NN5TER will be joining us on Skyblock Sun launching April 24th @ 3pm EST!


With the brand new realm, we've gone ahead and added a brand new spawn and warzone. We've expanded the warzone a bit, however there's tons of content in the future to fill all that extra space!


Welcome to the new addition of pets! Pets will be your little companion allowing you to gain certain abilities while your pet is active. Alongside with the abilities, each pet will have two enchants along with it. These enchants will stack with your current enchants and make them even better!

Along with the pets, we've added brand new Pet Keys to the store. You can purchase a Pet Key to win a random pet tier.

Tiers are as follows:
- Common
- Rare
- Epic
- Legendary
- Mythical

Each tier has it's own ability and will retain the previous tier abilities.

Island Top & Info
The Island Top has been completely revamped and some new features have been added.

New Island Top Menu

Island Value will now show up as their monetary value. Island Levels and Points have been completely removed and replaced with the monetary value. You can view the worth of the blocks / spawners on the brand new island worth menu.

Example of New Island Worth Menu

Alongside the new Island Top revamp, we've also added a brand new Island Info GUI to view statistics about islands.

Most enchant levels, cost, and chances have been modified and fit much better for gameplay. Alongside with the intense balancing, we've also added some new enchants to make gameplay a bit better.

Shrine – Increases shard drops when mining beacons inside the PVE World.
Power – Increases arrow damage on bows.
Tri-shot – Chance to shoot 3 arrows at a time.
Infinity – Normal arrows do not deplete when shooting bows.
Flame – Arrows will set target on fire for a short duration.
Chained – Fully drawn bow shot will have a small chance to temporarily paralyze the target for a very short period of time.

The Economy has been improved drastically. We've taken lots of notes and feedback from Skyblock Cloud and applied them to the brand new Skyblock Sun. We've added some more ways to make money, balanced robots, & more!

Power & Generators
Generators have been physically improved. We've updated the GUIs of the Generator to be much less compact with more explanation on their function. We've also added some cool details to generators when they are burning fuel.

Whilst Robots and Spawners require 50 power to work at 100%, we have changed the offline efficiency from 50% to 25%, making power much more rewarding to use.

Gift Cards
We have finally added the addition of Gift Cards on the store. You can purchase gift cards to use for trading on the server. Gift Cards will not expire and you can spend them until they hit $0.