Sun Reset - Saturday 21st @ 3PM EST

Sun Reset - Saturday 21st @ 3PM EST

We are proud to announce that Sun will be revamped on Saturday, August 21st at 3:00 PM EST!

After a long wait, we are finally ready to announce a newer and better Sun and Skyblock Experience! We all know that towards the end of the season , and even near the beginning, grinding can feel less and less useful as spawners begin to grow rapidly. Many of the features and changes we have brought this season are here to combat this, and to add more use to grinding mobs, farms and mining manually!

Please do remember that Sun currently will go into legacy, so if our new Sun isn't your style, you can still play the old one!

Now onto the good stuff that you all want to see!

Key Changes And Features


Lets be real, pets were made very poorly the first time round, this time they're getting a very needed revamp. Their abilities, buffs and types will be completely revamped. There will be 4 types of pets, Grinder, Mining, Farming and PvE, each pet type will have its own unique abilities and a random specialised buff will be assigned. From clones that spawn to help your grinder pet to upgrading all the blocks in an area around you to their block form.


Does your island seem to just be centred around one single spawner and just one farm? This season we've added new items to grind for. Each crop, mob and ore will have a collection to grind! Each player will be given an item to grind and after completing that quest will be obtain a sell multiplier for that collection, these multipliers can go on forever, however, the quests gradually get harder and harder, requiring more grind each time.


Skills have been something that most players either max out too quickly, or never end up using after a certain point. This season we will be rebalancing skills so that over time they are still useful and drop rare rewards while grinding. Levelling up your skills will increase the chances of getting these drops! These drops can be anything from pouches to keys.

Spawners and Mobstacking

Spawners and mobstacking rates have been reworked slightly to reduce the negative affect they have on the eco since they are fully automated sources of income. More spawners will still mean more money, however, having a variety of spawners will have bigger gains later on in the season.

As well as this, there will be several types of spawners, some will be early game money makers, some will be late game xp farmers. Each spawner will be important at different points throughout the season.

Island Levels

Spawners will no longer affect island levels, blocks will be the only thing that affect it. Every 10k island levels, your island will gain a 0.01x sell buff for the whole island.

Collection Boxes

Collection boxes have been meta for a while now, and almost require no maintenance and have no drawbacks. We've made them a little more balanced and added upgrading to them. You won't be able to immediately store infinite items in them straight away anymore! You can upgrade them and increase their overall capacity with shards.

Island Power

No-ones really ever boosted their island power, mainly due to how small the buff is later on in the season and how insignificant the nerf is. With the new spawner and eco changes above we've also changed power. The nerf will no longer just be a flat 50% but will increase even more depending on the number of unpowered spawners you have, however, you can also over use generators and overclock your spawners to spawn even faster, making them work three, four or even ten times faster if you have enough!