Welcome to Skyblocky (Release)

Welcome to Skyblocky (Release)

Welcome to our brand new network, called Skyblocky! Skyblocky introduces a brand new skyblock experience. With tons of staff, updates, and more! Learn about our brand new release coming on March 27th!

In the past few months we have been hard at work on Skyblocky and we are extremely excited to show you guys what we have in store. You can read up on what we've been working on and the features we will have upon release.

Release Date & Beta Test

The team and I are very excited to announce that Skyblocky first realm Skyblock Cloud will be releasing on March 27th, 2021 @ 3:00pm EST!

Be sure to preload your minecraft server list with Skyblocky to be one of the first ones to join upon launch!

Server IP: skyblocky.com

We will also be hosting a limited beta testing starting this upcoming Monday, picking people from the discord, so be sure to join the discord @ http://discord.gg/sby! Beta testing will end Wednesday / Thursday!

New Website

As you can see, we have an entirely brand new website and store to go along with our brand new release. We decided to get rid of the forums and implement a new blog posting system. All launch notes, patch notes, updates, etc will be posted on the brand new website.

Within the navigation menu you can find the voting page, rules, and the support page.

We've also spiced up the store with tons of new graphics, theme, etc. You can visit the brand new store @ https://buy.skyblocky.com/!

Rank Transfer

If you had a previous rank on Skyblocky or Noobcraft, you will be receiving a rank equivalent to your old one upon launch of Skyblock Cloud. We wanted to give back to everyone who supported our past networks.

You can find a graph below that will display the rank conversions for Skyblocky. We will only be converting ranks.

GKits, Perks, etc will NOT be transferred over.

Skyblocky Rank Conversion Chart

If you had a rank on both Noobcraft and Old Skyblocky, you will only receive the rank equivalent to your highest rank on those servers.

If you have any questions about the rank conversion, feel free to message any staff member or make a support ticket in the discord.


Now, let's talk about some of our key features we will have upon launch.

Robots will be making an appearance! Giving you and your island an automatic farm hand, robots will perform specific tasks that you may require to be done. Robots can mine, harvest crops, chop down trees, or grind mobs in the area.

Each Robot has a unique job and a tier at which they will operate. Robots have 5 tiers such as, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, and Obsidian. Obsidian being the most efficient tier.


You can upgrade your robot and give it more speed, fortune, and storage to help get more worth from your local companions. Robots require shards as a price for the upgrades. You can get shards either in crates or at /warp PVE, where you can mine beacons or kill various mobs to earn even more shards.


Let's get into more detail about islands. Each spawner and robot requires power to work at max efficiency. How do we generate that power? GENERATORS! Generators will produce power for your entire island. Put fuel into your generator and it will automatically start increasing the efficiency of your spawners and robots.

Fuel can be obtained in many different ways, such as farming crops in PVE or killing mobs in the PVE Area.

Island Generators

Generators can be obtained a few different ways such as Crates, Shard Shop, and more!


Welcome to Nature's Quarry! Taken over by ancient creatures, Nature's Quarry has been left abandoned. Miners have spent centuries excavating Nature's Quarry and have found tons of glistering minerals.

Here in the PVE Area, you can harvest crops, mine shards, and kill mobs. If you're geared enough, you could take on the Lurker..

Deep in the depths of Nature's Quarry

Crops within the PVE Area will give you a chance to earn fuel, crate keys, and more! So make sure to keep an eye out for special digs.

Beautiful crops ready for harvest

Shards can be obtained in a few different ways. You can mine beacons around the area or kill mobs. The higher tier mob you kill, the better the fuel you can retrieve.

Rare sighting of glistering minerals

The PVE Area will allow you to get off the islands and grind in a challenging but rewarding area within Skyblock!

Spawn and Warp PVP

Spawn is the place for all of your needs in Skyblock. Various NPCs will help guide you through your journey on Skyblock. You can also hop into the PvP Arena to fight players to the death.

Spawn NPC Station

Spawn will allow you to gather with other players and show off your cool progress! Visit the NPC stations around the area and you can upgrade your armor or activate some multiplier boosters to earn more credits.

You can also open your crate keys in spawn to earn some amazing rewards to help boost your progress.

Crate Key Section

If you're feeling brave enough, you can jump into the PVP Arena and fight against other players in a brutal battle to fight for the outpost. Your island can capture Outpost within the PVP Arena and earn even more multipliers towards your boosters.

PVP Arena

We hope you guys are excited as much as we are to invoke on this new journey. The team and I will be working very hard to bring tons of updates, releases, and more!

-- Skyblocky